IVSS Newsletter – October 2011

On a train to 2012

Dear IVSS friends!

Sitting on a train on the way back from the IVSS board meeting in Grantown, Scotland. We were invited to Grantown in Scotland by our new board member Dave Renouf and BASI (British Association of Snowsport Instructors). A great initiative that rendered two intensive days of work with a very open-minded and creative board.

Our board member Frank Luiten, from Holland, represented IVSS and attended the INTERSKI presidium meeting in Ushuaia, Argentina, September 13-14. Here all the final signing of the Interski documents for the Interski congress 2014 was done. Frank even had time for some skiing and he was very pleased with Ushuaia as the next host of the 2015 Interski congress. In a few weeks Frank will shortly publish a more detailed report from the presidium meeting and his visit to Ushuaia on our homepage.

The work within IVSS is now progressing in the way that was discussed at the 2011 IVSS GA in St. Anton. One of the items that we highlighted was regional seminars around the world and to promote efforts in that direction. So with an initiative from Vihren Bachev, Bulgaria will host an IVSS international seminar in Sofia 17-19/2- 2012. This, in my view, is a great initiative and I really hope that interested countries and universities will attend.
The title will be SNOWPORTS IN UNIVERSITIES, Why and how? an interesting and challenging theme of the seminar and we look forward to exciting days of development. Check your calendars, block the dates, talk to your friends, as this is going to be really worthwhile attending. Vihren and his Bulgarian colleagues will come back in late November with a detailed programme together with the invitation and information on the cost for the seminar.
More seminars and activities will be posted on our homepage

During our meeting we discussed how IVSS should use social medias and BASI is looking at possibilities to help with the IVSS internet communications such as facebook and twitter. Personally I think that the more contacts and networks we have within IVSS the better. There are so many good ideas and creative people out there in the IVSS community, I am sure things will develop when people get together.

Another way to open and expand the contacts within the IVSS community is that the board members have decided to work closer with the members countries. That means that we have divided the member countries between us to provide a personal contact approach for the countries appointed.

Further more I hope that our colleagues on the southern hemisphere have had a good and developing season and that we here up north will have a rewarding season of .2011-12.

Again a big thanks to BASI for hosting our board meeting and I wish everyone a pleasant fall and winter.

Take care!

Klas Åstrand
President IVSS International