IVSS Newsletter – November 2013

Dear friends of IVSS,

It’s 2014 and a New Year is evolving with more adventures in the snow. After a very hectic fall, with the General Assemblies of INTERSKI, IVSS and ISIA in Ushuaia in September as a very interesting start, we now look forward to the Interski Congress 2015.

As mentioned above, IVSS too held its General Assembly there, and the feeling and atmosphere were very good. (See more below). There are so many countries that really want to contribute and move IVSS forward. The most exciting part of our Assembly was that we are now moving forward in the process of having universities and other educational institutions as affiliated members of IVSS.
This is an important and vital step for the IVSS network, as we will be able to connect universities with each other through IVSS and make the base for further work both broader and deeper. Right now we are working out the details of how to select and approach these universities and institutions.

Planning the topics for Interski 2015

Another important event was the Interski GA where the schedule for Interski 2015 was discussed. During the Assembly many countries were in favor of changing the proposed schedule. They clearly indicated that there should be more time for clinics on snow, more main lectures and of course more small lectures. For the congress to be successful, the necessary changes will have to be made to the program that was proposed.
The board of IVSS has sent in its thoughts to the Interski Presidium as expressed in the following email message:

To: Presidium Interski
From: President IVSS
Sent: November 2013

Dear members of the Presidium,
We have discussed the congress programme for 2015 as proposed in Peter Mall’s e-mail of 15.11.2013 in our board meeting of November 5th (verbally, as well as afterwards in writing), and send you our comments:
– There should be more lectures, small lectures as well as key note lectures.
– To prevent top down info only, demand (and allow for) discussion time within the time for each (keynote) lecture.
– As the program expands in term of lectures, IVSS offers to organize and manage the lectures.
– Make the time for the demos shorter.
– The parallel slalom should not be something that has to be seen by all, but should be included in the program parallel with workshops.
As to the Lectures: If we do not have enough lectures we think that the congress will go down as a world knowledge meeting. We refer to the opinion expressed strongly by a number of nations during the last Interski GA in Ushuaia, that there should be much more room for lectures in the programme.

The presidium promised to adapt the program accordingly.
If this strong wish is not honoured we fear it may affect the participation in the congress as it will not be worth the money and effort travelling all the way to Ushuaia if there is not enough room in the program for exchange of knowledge and information.

See below some remarks from IVSS board members:
“In my opinion the congress has only a future when we try to give the participants a lot of knowledge and information. Races and demos are fine, but my question is: Is it worth to pay about € 3.000 p.p. to see demos and a parallel slalom?”
“Only 2 key note lectures are not that much for a world congress in skiing.”
“… and afterwards a lot of people will say “But the next time we´ll have to discuss more…” A pattern that will lead to the end of Interski, as the budgeting of participants won’t be paid if the outcomes of the congress are low.”
“1. I think we should insist on the possibility of more than one lecture per nation.
2. We should insist on one Key Not Lecture for each Working Group; (that will make it three in stead of two.)
3. Let IVSS handle the organization of the lectures (and workshops?)”
“In the General Assembly of the Interski it was strongly voiced by a number of nations that many people did not want to spend time doing competitions, but they really wish for more “sharing of information” time through the use of tools such as lectures, on-the-hill workshops, and Keynote Lectures.”
We trust our remarkst will be taken into account.
(Klas Åstrand [], President IVSS)

December 2nd 2013 Interski secretary Peter Mall sent out the program to all Interski member nations.

We therefore urge all IVSS member nations to come forward individually with their thoughts on the program and to support the board’s pledge. This has to be done before March 1, and it has to be in writing and sent to Interski GS, Peter Mall

IVSS General Assembly Ushuaia September 2013

This was a very good interactive meeting in which proposed plans and projects See (Newsletter December 2013) were approved, in particular regarding afilliated membership for universities and other educatinal institituions, and related changes in the By Laws. Also approved was the proposal to prepare an IVSS key note lecture at the Interski Congess 2015 on major developments in education (recognition of extracurricular competencies, MOOCs, etc.)
For your information, here are the Minutes of the Assembly:
§1 President of the IVSS Klas Åstrand opened the meeting.
President of INTERSKI Erich Melmer presented IVSS´s role in the INTERSKI family and expressed his support for the work of IVSS.
§2 Crosscheck of the delegates of the IVSS member countries.
§3 Approval of the agenda – Approved.
§4 Approval of the minutes of the General Assembly in St. Anton 2011 – Approved.
§5 IVSS president, Klas Åstrand, presented ‘The aims and tasks of the IVSS’ and the work that was done in these areas over the last two years.
Secretary general, Tom Danielsson, presented the financial report for 2011-2012. The board was granted discharge for the fiscal year 2011-2012.
§6 President Klas Åstrand initiated a discussion about the future of IVSS in terms of focus, aims, plans and projects:
Conclusion of discussion from focus groups with mixed member countries:
– IVSS board and member countries should keep using the homepage and update the “best practice” section;
– IVSS board and member countries should together get a database going via the homepage. A database with research connected to snow sports. The database could be divided in different fields e.g. pedagogy, physiology, etc.;
– The member countries were also encouraged to use IVSS/Facebook for communication and exchange of information, ideas and experiences;
– The member countries were also encouraged to initiate IVSS seminars within their countries or together with organizations in their region.
§7 IVSS board member Frank Luiten, presented IVSS´s proposal for a Key Note Lecture at the INTERSKI congress in 2015. The lecture will deal with some very important worldwide developments in education: definition, validation and certification of competency frameworks for formal as well as
informal learning, lifelong learning and online learning. These developments will also have consequences for sports organisations, including snow sport organizations. This proposal is approved by the General Assembly.
§8 The reedited bylaws of the IVSS were approved in principle. They will be reviewed again, suggestions – called for and offered – will be included, and the draft will then be sent out again for approval at the next General Assembly.
§9 The present board of the IVSS was elected for another two years.
§10 IVSS president Klas Åstrand closed the meeting and thanked all 18 participating countries for their input and support of the IVSS.
(by Tom Danielson, Secretary general IVSS)

IVSS Borad meetings

In 2013 we held 4 board meetings on Skype (on 12 February, 21 May, 3 June, 5 November) and one physical meeting in Kalmar, Sweden, 1 – 3 October 2013.

Take care, and enjoy the rest of the skiing season!