IVSS Newsletter November 2010

IVSS General Assembly at the Interski Congress 2011

Dear IVSS friends,

9th of November and the Interski congress in St. Anton is just around the corner. From 15th-22nd of January more than 2000 ski instructors from all over will meet and exchange ideas and knowledge. Personally I really look forward to this big event and it is a great favour to have the opportunity to be a part of this.
Last weekend 29-30/11, I attended the last Interski Presidium meeting before the congress and now we have a congress program that I think will give great opportunities for all participants and countries to get the most out of what will be presented. To find the program go to: and follow the link to the News area to find all the information about the congress. The benefit of the program, as constructed now, is that all countries that have asked for and prepared presentations will be able to do so. For me this is the essence of the Interski congress: A big arena where all countries, big and small, can deliver, be seen, contribute and take home knowledge.
For IVSS the congress is a great platform for the things that we work for and my feeling is that there is more and more focus toward the IVSS arena. I think that the skiing world is realizing that this field/arena is the ground-plate for the existence of snow sports.

If you go to our homepage you will find the invitation to the IVSS GA, Monday, January 17, 2011 at 4.30 pm. St. Anton a. A./Austria in the
Together with the invitation you will also find the agenda and I hope that we will be able to penetrate interesting and important issues during the GA. The GA is a forum for anyone with interest in the work of IVSS and I hope that if you come to St.Anton that you will attend.
One of the items discussed will be the changed bylaws that the IVSS board has presented for the members countries and they will, hopefully, be passed at the GA.
Another big and important part of the GA will be our discussion of strategy for the future and how the nations, together can move this important work forward.
As an ending of the GA we invite all present to the IVSS mingle where we can continue to talk and communicate.

In this newsletter you have already found the link to our homepage twice and of course I want this homepage to be a page of interest for the users. We have seen the benefit of the homepage in terms of an invitation to the 8th FIS Youth and Children’s Seminar that opened the FIS Autumn Meetings in Zürich on Wednesday 29th September, 2010.
Invited to the congress was Charlotta Bürger Bäckström from the IVSS Sweden, the International Association Snowsports at Schools and Universities and Stefan Künzell from the University of the German Federal Army in Neubiberg. Both Charlotta and Stefan have contributed with their work under our “Best practice” on the home page and as a consequence of that they were contacted and asked to contribute to the seminar. You will find a summary text from the seminar on our homepage.

As of today the IVSS homepage has had more than 40.000 visitors since it was opened late last year and the activity is constantly increasing.

When you have read this newsletter please think of three friends that you can enrol as a subscriber, so they will have the opportunity to read the next letter that will be sent out right after the Interski congress in St. Anton.

Take care
Klas Åstrand
President IVSS