IVSS Newsletter – May 2009

Dear friend of International Association Snowsports at Schools and Universities,

For us on the northern hemisphere the winter season is coming to a close but for the southern hemisphere things are getting started for a new and exciting season.

Our work within IVSS feels more and more important and as president of IVSS I think that we together can make a difference in terms of helping the young generation to get in contact with snow sports.
My personal feeling around this did get a real boost during and after our General Assembly in St.Anton, 19th of April.

The assembly was attended by 21 countries and around 50 participants. The content from the assembly (see attached minutes on was a strong feeling of looking forward in a positive way. One sign of this was that two more member countries joined the IVSS family, so we welcome Argentina and Macedonia to our common goals and future work.

We also have Great Britain, Ireland and Chile as countries that want to join IVSS. If we look over the Atlantic, from Sweden, the US is starting to show interest in our organisation and I hope that this interest will continue and develop into a membership.

At the general assembly we had the opportunity to share some good examples from countries working, actively with issues within the IVSS goals and aims. These examples including organisations charts will you find on

One of our major issues in terms of being able to work within IVSS is money. In the past we have had the fortune to have had the Austrian government as the major sponsor. This is not the case anymore and this was one of the discussions during the general assembly. The board proposed a fee of 250E / nation / year and the general assembly did approve this proposal. We will reedit the bylaws, to include the possibility for a fee, and then send out our proposal for the new writing before the change will take place.
As president I ask every one of you to come back to me or any board member if you have any suggestions in terms of raising money for our important work. We have a homepage, newsletter, etc. and I think that there must be possibilities for sponsorships but as of now the board has not been successful in this field. As you can read in the minutes the costs includes the homepage, our Interski fee, board meetings, etc.

Speaking about the board you will find the entire board with our contact information at:
As a step to improve our communication with the member countries the board is planning to start regular SKYPE talks with our contact persons in IVSS. We hope to develop personal contacts that can help us all to reach our goals and aims.

Our mission must be to support snow sports at schools and universities. This is our future in snow sports! If the children/students do not have the possibility to learn skiing, snowboarding, etc, there will be no business for the industry, but worse than that the next generation will not have the opportunity to enjoy snow sports.

I wish you all success in you work for the IVSS Goals and Aims!

Klas Åstrand
IVSS President