IVSS Newsletter – January 2012

Looking for good practice examples

Dear IVSS friend,

It is winter in the northern part of the world and a lot of activity at schools and universities are taking place. The last two weeks I have seen what local communities can do to support young skiers in two different ways.

I spend most of my winter days on the slopes in Vail, Colorado, and the community, together with local ski clubs, are doing a great job to support young skiers. During the last weeks I have seen how young kids have hit the slopes for the first time in their lives. Guided by professional ski instructors together with the kids teachers many of them have enjoyed skiing for the first time in their lives. This is possible due to cooperation between the local school district and Vail Resorts. For me this shows two things: first that the local school district understands the importance of snow sports and that they are willing to support it with time and resources. Secondly that the company, Vail Resorts, see the potential in the schools and also that there are many new skiers and riders out there that would not be able to enjoy the slopes if the resort did not give its support.

For me this is something that could be done all over the world where you have a community close to a ski resort.

Here in Vail we also see Vail Devo every Saturday and Sunday. Young skiers have the opportunity to develop their skiing every weekend during the season. Another great example of how to get young girls and boys out skiing.

These are two good examples of what can be done to promote skiing for young people and I am sure that there are many good examples “out there”. Please tell the IVSS community of what is going on where you are. Send Guenther Apflauer an email so we can post your success stories on our homepage.

This winter we also look forward to the International IVSS seminar to be held in Borovetz, Bulgaria. The seminar will be held March 5-9 linked together with the “International student ski competition and snow sport fest”.

We are all looking forward to the seminar and the outcome from it.


Klas Åstrand

IVSS President