IVSS Newsletter – January 2008

Dear IVSS friends,

Last time you heard from the IVSS board was when we met at Interski 2007. After Interski, the board has had meetings over SKYPE trying to find our direction and how to work together in a progressive way. We have had two physical meetings, one in Rovaniemi 2007 and in Kalmar, October 2008.
Our biggest task has been to upgrade and change the homepage and also to add a newsletter function.

This newsletter function is, as the board sees it, vital for an open and good working communication. Please try to add your network to this newsletter since the more people involved the better.
Hopefully the newsletter can obtain good examples and just be a tool for our common work.
One great example is that Universities in Sweden, that have PE teacher training, have free ski passes for the students during their snowsport education. This due to negotiations between IVSS Sweden and our partner SLAO (Swedish Lift Areas Association).
Discussion points and arguments to contact touristic centers and transportation centers are available from IVSS.

When we look ahead we have our IVSS congress in Rovaniemi 23-28 March 2009. A congress filled with interesting lectures, outdoor and indoor workshops and the experience of the Arctic Circle.
Actually we have a lot of interesting keynote lectures and lectures which will serve as state of the art information about different aspects for snowsport at schools and universities. The preliminary schedule and all actualized congress information’s are available at our homepage
The congress is organised by Santa Sport Institute and Oula-Matti Peltonen.

We really hope to see you there.

Klas Astrand
President of IVSS