IVSS Newsletter – February 2011

Review Interski Congress St. Anton am Arlberg

Dear IVSS friend,

Interski 2011, St. Anton is over and it went quick!

A fantastic week with more than 2000 instructors from 28 countries just meeting, sharing snow sport ideas and thoughts. I think that many went home after finding new friends and contacts that will enhance their work with snow sports.

St. Anton put on a great show and one could feel the involvement from the town and really the whole of Austria. At the opening ceremony the president of Austria addressed the audience from a big screen, impressive and it also shows how important snow sports are for the Austrians.

The opening also gave us precise skiing from the Austrian demonstrators and ended in a huge firework show.

During the week we could listen to many good key note lectures and on slope many good workshops from all over the globe.

IVSS had its General Assembly, Monday, January 17 and most of the member countries attended. For me the Assembly had a good feel and many countries really want to push the ideas of IVSS forward.

At the Assembly we had the honour to welcome three new countries in to the IVSS board and

it really feels good. We say welcome to: Bulgaria, Vihren Bachev, Great Britan, Dave Renou, Holland: Frank Luiten and I am certain that we will have a board that can move IVSS forward in many aspects.

The GA was also the last appearance from Poland and Janusz Dmochowski as board member.

Janusz has contributed enormously to our work and Great many thanks for his contributions.

As a result of the new approved Bylaws we now also have a Supervising committee and the first country on the committee is Argentina.and Justi Oliveri. This will help us to involve more people and countries in the IVSS work and the more countries and people involved the better.

At the Assembly an idea of hosting IVSS seminars in different parts of the world were discussed and more than one country and their representatives addressed that they will host IVSS seminars for interested countries 2012-2013.

This means that IVSS will not hold any IVSS congresses as done in the past. The idea is to get more countries and people to meet, share and learn when hosting/attending seminars on different continents over the world.

During the Interski week many countries and organizations addressed the need for getting the youth in to snow sports and one example is the World snow day arranged by FIS, starting this year.

The Interski week also hosted the “Interski snow sport school” were international instructors had the opportunity to ski and ride with young students from schools in the St. Anton area.

Great success, lot of smiles and good memories for all involved.

To give you a feel from Interski 2011 copy this link and enjoy.

Professionally done by Ola Rockberg,

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Take care

Klas Åstrand

President IVSS

Vail 2011-02-05