IVSS Newsletter – February 2010

Dear IVSS friend,

I do hope that your on or off season is fine with you. On the northern hemisphere the winter is in it´s prime and some countries have more snow than ever. I am sure that this will create more skiers/riders and that the joy of this will continue for many years. As an example I know that sport stores in the south of Sweden are sold out in terms of skis and that must be a good sign. Winter in the north and summer in the southern hemisphere and of course it is sometimes hard to think winter when swimming or laying at the beach. But I know that good work just do not appear, it has to be planned in the off season and I know that this is the case.

We now have 2010 and a lot of positive things are brought in to this year:

We now have a nice and functional homepage.
We are trying to give you all, new examples of good practise.
We are receiving member fees that will allow us to go further and do better.
We have a close working relationship within the Interski presidium.
We are preparing for Interski 2011 in St. Anton.
All over the world where there is snow sport people are trying to promote it so young girls and boys will have the opportunity to enjoy it.

When talking about best practise please read the arguments “Why snow sports should be taught” posted by Dr. Dieter Bubeck on the IVSS Homepage ( You will find arguments and a lot of good examples to help you promote snow sports in your work for IVSS. I am sure that they can be useful on a local as well as on a national level.
Under “best practise” on the IVSS homepage you will also find the Subproject report from Charlotta Burger-Backström, concerning “alla på snö”. In Sweden even called the Norrköping project. A very important project and so far it is all positive. We have to wait and see for the outcome but I think that this can be a working method that can be used all over the world. Worth to mention is that the project is competing in the FIS project competition “FIS snow kids”.
In Canada there is some really great work for kids and you will find a report as well under best practice.

My belief is that there are more good projects “out there” and we all want to know about them, so please send them, small or big, to Gunther Apflauer: and he will post them under best practise.
On the homepage you will also find a brief report from the seminar held by ASH in Germany. Many good lectures and clinics with approximately 70 university teachers/doctors/professors from the whole country.
Again I know that there have been seminars “out there” that would be interesting for all of us, the more we share the more we learn and the better we can do your job within IVSS.

Speaking of doing our job the IVSS board will have a physical board meeting in September 2010 in one of our member countries. If interested to host the meeting please contact General secretary Tom Danielsson:

I really hope that 2010 will be a great year for all that are involved in IVSS and let the progress continue so more young people can enjoy snow sport”


Klas Åstrand
Pres. IVSS