IVSS Newsletter – December 2012

IVSS – Plans and Projects 2012

Dear IVSS friend,

Last weekend the World Cup races started in Levi, Finland, and it turned out to be a good weekend for the Swedes. Well, this letter is not meant to boost the Swedes, but the World Cup is a reminder of what we are doing within IVSS. If we cannot create good conditions for our youth so that they can go skiing and snowboarding, the World Cup will diminish over time. The same thing goes for the research at schools and universities. We have the responsibility to be active within our countries so our younger generation get the opportunity to ski and ride.

Plans and projects

The first days of October we held an IVSS board meeting in Kalmar, Sweden. Our main focus was to work out plans for IVSS, and how the member countries can contribute to, as well as benefit from IVSS. Therefore we will soon send out a questionnaire to find out what expectations member countries may have from IVSS.

1.  How can we increase the value of IVSS membership for the member countries?

In order to increase the value for member countries, we discussed the creation of a password-based database with links to educational and scientific papers related to the field of IVSS. Of course, these papers must first be collected and categorized. (We will try to have a major part of the necessary research carried out by students.)  These data will then be made available to IVSS members by means of a password.

2. What do IVSS members expect from IVSS, what do they need?

To find this out, a questionnaire will be sent out in December 2012, containing questions like: What kind of information do you need?  Can you assist in a research project? What knowledge can you contribute?

3. Research projects

We know that the EU has funds available, but in order to get access to EU funding it is necessary to assemble field data in order to be able to submit a serious request. Therefore we want to start a field research project.  BASI is willing to put up some money to get such a thing started.

4. Relation to other organisations

Presidium meetings will offer opportunities for collaboration. All board members of INTERSKI, ISIA and IVSI should be on the mailing list for our newsletter.A closer contact with ICSS concerning scientific work should be started.

5. Website/Facebook

We want to make the Facebook page more  ‘alive’  by trying to add one question or topic of discussion per month. We also must try and get more members to the IVSS Facebook page.

6. Board members as ambassadors

We have divided the different countries between the board members and we will try to hold a more personal contact with you. Klas will get in contact with Finland and Bulgaria regarding a discussion about obligations and possibilities as a board member country.

7. Enlarge membership

In the board we are discussing the possibility of affiliated membership for educational institutions such as universities. Of course it will be necessary to adapt the ByLaws acccordingly.  At present we have a draft, on which a proposal will be based and presented to the General Assembly in 2013.

8.  Key Note Lecture at Interski Congress 2015 in Argentina

The board would like to work towards an IVSS Key Note lecture in the 2015 INTERSJKI Congress, in the field of  “Competences acquired in situations of non-formal learning (such as ski camps, snow weeks, etc.)”. 9. Initiate a project (possibly EU subsidised) for an international ski instructors’ course. Dieter will come up with a plan.

Seminars, workshops, clinics

Another important part of IVSS is the seminars that we try to stimulate and support throughout the world. When you go the you will find the final report from the seminar held in Borovetz, Bulgaria in 2012. The seminar will probaly come back as an event again during in 2013. I am sure that more seminars have been and/or will be held in other places in the world. We would love to get information about them so we can share the info with other member countries.

One interesting event will soon be held in Germany by ASH and the focus is movement analysis: “Observe, evaluate and advise”. The dates are 14-18 December. You can find out more and register at the following link:

Here in Sweden we have a great project called “All on snow”. This project is a star project in terms of getting young girls and boys in contact with snow sports for the first time.  When we have more information about it in English, we will post it on the homepage and the IVSS Facebook page.

Now we have arrived at the end of 2012 and we are looking forward to 2013. In September 2013 we will have our General Assembly in Ushuaia, Argentina. Mark the dates in your agenda. As soon as we have more information about the event you will be notified.

Take care, and have a good season!