Cancellation IVSS Congress 2009

Honored IVSS friend,

As of today I have to inform you that the IVSS International Board, at the boardmeeting 2009.01.22, has decided to cancel the 2009 IVSS conference in Rovaniemi.
After a three hour boardmeeting over skype we saw no other solution, since we did not have enough participants to have an economical solid congress.
It is sad to cancel, since so much good effort have been put in and the content of the congress was more than promising.

The Board sees this cancelling as a sign of the economical situation that countries, universities and schools are facing. We also see this as a call for us to rethink and be inovative to find new ways to strenghten and revitalizing our IVSS family.

I am very sorry for the problems that this decision will cause for those that have made plans for going to the Congress and for those, excellent, lecturers that has prepared for their appearence at the Congress!

After You have read this letter the Board will have a new boardmeeting, 2009.02.05.

Monday 2009.02.09 we will send out a Newsletter with our thoughts of how we can continue our common work within IVSS.

The IVSS Board
Klas Åstrand
President IVSS