Rovaniemi, Finland

“Snowsports as a part of curriculum and teaching”
March 23th – 28th, 2009

The 14th Congress of the International Association Snowsports at Schools and Universities – IVSS – will be located directly at the Polar Circle in Rovaniemi / Finland in spring 2009. The conference main topic is about important aspects of the curriculum and teaching of snowsport at schools and universities.

The main topics are:

  • pedagogical aspects
  • motor skills, motor learning
  • health
  • exercise physiology
  • psychological aspects
  • good practice, examples from different countries
  • arctic circle snow experiences

This congress has been canceled!

Bad Hindelang/Oberjoch, Germany

“Variety of Snowsports at Schools and Universities”
January 31th – February 5th, 2005

With the 13th congress of the International Association Snow sports in Schools and Universities- IVSS- an international congress of ski teaching qualities has taken place in Germany for the first time since 1981. Also a chance to mediate also to a wider public the educational, social and emotional opportunities of snow sports in educational establishments. In the framework of the general assembly Sepp Redl (AUT) was elected president for another term of office.

St. Christoph/Arlberg, Austria, Federal Ski Academy

“Safety & Experiences in Snow Sports”
March, 5th – 13th, 2001

The 12th congress of the International Association Skiing in Schools and Universities pursued the aim to discuss the questions of secure behaviour and educational techniques in a really challenging snow sports area. The congress combined in an established way theoretical foundations and the transformation in practical modules through workshop offerings.

The general assembly elected the members of the executive committee and in further consequence Sepp Red (AUT) was consigned anew with the presidency.

Vuokatti, Finland

“Research – learning – Teaching”
March, 12th – 17th, 1997

The 11th IVSS- Congress accepted for the first time research topics in the programme. The IVSS regards itself as interface between research and practice and according to this was the selection of lectures, seminars and workshops. The entire INTERSKI board, beneath INTERSKI president Norm Crearer, characterizes the event with its participance: 18 countries with 163 participants were there.

Kurumayama, Japan

“Instruction & Guidance”, Challenge and Exciting Experience Skiing as Seen by Pupils”
February 23th – March 3rd, 1993

The 10th international congress of the working team (IAK) stood under the topic “Teaching & Leading”. 10 nations were involved in this event whereas Japan with 30 participants and Austria with 20 participants were the strongest delegations. They wanted to establish on these experiences for further developments within the Interski- World- Congress. Within the congress there were re-elections during these re-elections the long-time general secretary of the IAK, Sepp Redl, was elected president. Hermann Andrecs was elected honorary president for life (with standing ovations).

At the same time a change of bylaws took place, concerning the expansion of the working team structure but above all a modification of the name took place and the organisation was then known as “International Association Skiing in Schools and Universities” (IVSS).

Valadalen, Schweden

“Impulse des nordischen Skilaufs für die Schulen”
12th – 18th March, 1989

The 9th international congress of the IAK skiing in school was accepted with great enthusiasm by the 60 participants from 8 countries.

It was not only the hospitality of the Swedish organizers, who impressed the congress experienced experts from all over the world, but above all the confrontation with the world of ideas concerning Nordic skiing. The analysis of nature, the question of survival in partly extreme conditions marks certainly a challenge. They pointed out methods how to offer an excess to manifold experience to the adventuresome youth. Although careful planning and the observing of security are natural- and mainly in schools- precondition.

Hermann Andrecs (AUT) was confirmed as president, Sepp Redl (AUT) as general secretary.

Braunwald, Schweiz

“Skilager erleben – Skilager gestalten”
January, 13th – 19th, 1985

More than 100 representatives from 10 countries participated in the 8th congress of the international working team skiing in schools in Braunwald in mid- January in 1985. Above all the individual day topics were dedicated to the pedagogical as well as didactical and methodical aspects of organization a ski camp. Those topics were explained, discussed and impressively demonstrated by theory and films; but in particular the topics were demonstrated in practice on skis and in snow. Parallel to the congress, a special ski camp was organised with more than 100 pupils from Dielsdorf, and therefore they have additional opportunities to deal intensively with manifold opportunities of organizing a ski camp.

Zauchensee/Altenmarkt im Pongau, Austria

“The skiing course- an educational chance”
January, 24th – 30th, 1982

“Skiing course- an educational chance?” This was the motto of the 7th congress of the International working group “Skiing in schools” which took place in Schulschiheim from January 24th – January 30th 1982. The topic was dedicated to an institution which has an old tradition- a tradition which is more than 60 years old; an institution which had a difficult beginning in the time after the First World War and over a stormy expansion now has yearly 250.000 pupils. Therefore it has also become an important economical aspect. But at the same time this conceals the danger of routine. Therefore it was the intention of the organizers to address the question to everyone who organizes in some way school skiing and who can influence the development. They wanted to address the question above the inner circle of the congress participants. The Swiss Kurt Blattmann (president) and Hansheinrich Schaufelberger (manager) resigned after 10 years of working and they were discharged with lots of praises. Hermann Andics (AUT) was elected new president and later Sepp Redl (AUT) was elected manager.

Oslo, Norwegen

“Norwegian Skiing and international comparison”
March, 2nd – 7th 1977

At the International congress skiing in schools, 56 delegates from 10 countries attended to the topic “Skiing as leisure activity”. Besides the topics “Skiing for disabled persons” and “Skiing days for children” were discussed for the first time.

Kurt Blattmann (SUI) was elected president und Heinrich Schaufelberger (SUI) was appointed as secretary general.

Kaprun/Kitzsteinhorn, Austria

“Sporty Skiing”

St. Moritz, Schweiz

February, 1st – 7th, 1970

Representatives from 10 countries took part in the 5th congress for Skiing in schools: all in all 140 participants, beneath more than half of them from the interested Switzerland. Topics were beginners’ course, playful forms and little competitions in skiing and special attention was directed to Nordic Skiing.

For the first time they approached the topic of a common “technical terminology (INTERTERM)” on an international level.

Chamonix/Hte-Savoie, France

“Technical and methodical aspects”
May 5th – 10th, 1969

During the 3rd congress 63 participants from 7 nations were counted. The congress was exceedingly supported by the French ministry of education and by the “Ecole Nationale de Ski et d’Alpinisme de Chamonix (ENSA). Technical skiing questions and methodical questions took centre stage.

Mallnitz, Austria

“Manifold aspects”
February 27th – March 4th, 1967

65 Representatives from 10 countries came to the 2nd International congress of the working group “Skiing in schools” of the International Association for Ski teaching qualities (INTERSKI). For the first time lectures of contents and methods of skiing in schools were given by different member countries.

A part of the congress was organized in common with skiing instructors from Austria.

Planneralpe, Austria

“School skiing in alpine area”
February, 26th – March, 5th, 1966

The 1st International congress included activities with technique in skiing, with methodical ways at schools, with danger of avalanches and with equipment. Central point was a presentation “From school skiing to racing run” by the later Interski president Prof. Franz Hopplicher.

This speech was attended dedicatedly by 60 participants from 9 nations. Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans Groll (AUT) was elected chairman and Prof. Hermann Filipic (AUT) was elected secretary general.

Bad Gastein, Österreich


On January 14th, 1965 the foundation conference within the 7th INTERSKI congress took place in the house Austria in Bad Gastein (Austria) with representatives from 22 nations. The working group was established with bylaws and Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans Groll was elected president for the first time.